To drive a motor vehicle in Virginia State, it is mandatory to have appropriate insurance coverage of your vehicle. The Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) has the authority to determine the insurance through an electronic verification program. If the department finds that you have been driving without insurance in Petersburg Virginia, you will be charged with as much as $500 as a fine. In addition to this, your driving privilege will be suspended, and you will be convicted under Class 3 misdemeanor. In case of driving without valid insurance, you will be given 30 days for submitting proof of insurance before you are fined. If you fail to prove within 30 days of time, it is likely that you will[…]

Embezzlement is a crime which prosecuting attorney take very extremely. Embezzlement is a fraud which rotates around the disloyalty of financial trust by one or more than one parties to a transaction. Trade typically depends on upon one party to a transaction placing trust in another party’s morality. A client has to believe that the person he’s giving will use the money in the agreed-upon method, and a business has to believe that workers who handle the firm’s finances. You might have overheard embezzlement mentioned to as a ‘white-collar’ crime because workers or other professionals commonly commit it. If you have been alleged of embezzlement, it means that you are being accused of taking possessions that you already legally had[…]

Having a criminal conviction on your record can drastically reduce your options in life. It can hurt your ability to get a job, adopt a child, or live in certain places. You should consult an Expungement Attorney Arlington Virginia about the possibility of expungement so that one youthful mistake does not impose limits on you for the rest of your life. When a criminal record is expunged, it is as though the conviction never happened. A person is legally entitled to say “No” in response to the question, “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” In many circumstances, a criminal conviction can be expunged, thereby removing it from the record permanently. Nevertheless, this can be a complex, multi-step process,[…]

Homicide Types, Laws and Penalties in Hanover County, Virginia Homicide like other criminal offenses has stringent laws and chargers in the State of Virginia including the County of Hanover. Mostly these criminal offenses like homicides, murder and attempt to murder are count as felonies in Hanover County. One is suspected of Homicide when a conscious attempt or any sort of involvement in an altercation by the person caused the death of another person. Types and Laws of Homicide in Hanover, VA There different categories of homicide according to the degree of murder and involvement of the convict like manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, voluntary manslaughter  The law mainly there are three types of homicide or generally called murder that is Capital Murder,[…]

A Protective Order Law is a legal document which is issued by the government of any state. There are basically three types of protective orders. The first one is Emergency Protective Order, the second one is Preliminary Protective Order, and the third one is Final Protective Order.  The validity of these orders is 3 days, 15 days and 2 years. The purpose of this order is to provide safety and guard to the victim from the offender. A victim can be anyone who is being harassed by an offender or being suffered by different types of violence and threats. These orders are basically issued against domestic violence. Victim itself or any other family member of the victim can appeal to[…]

Hit and run is when someone damages some kind of property, whether it be actual property or another vehicle, and then rather than leaving their information at the scene, they flee without reporting it or leaving their information for the other drivers Hit and run cases in Hanover County are taken very seriously. Hit and Run is also called “Leaving the Scene of an Accident. Serious hit and run charges can be imposed against any person who leaves the scene after having been involved in a vehicular accident. The law needs that any individual involved in an accident must stop and render aid to the wounded, as well as to stop and be available to law enforcement after any vehicle[…]

In Virginia, traffic laws are very important and severe in all country. So if a person increased the speed limit form twenty miles per hour standard speed limit then this considered as a criminal act in Virginia. There are many charges for the reckless driving. It the Commonwealth of the state does not provide the defense pieces of evidence that are very important than the part of the offense also used as a defense in this case. It seems very easy and simple but on the other hand, it is proved by commonwealth that happens in the country. But midst countries do not take it as formal as any other violence law but not always it happens. Reckless driving is[…]

Generally, when a person is charged with indecent liberties, the freedoms must be taken in the physical presence of the child, but physical contact is not necessary. The exposure of your private parts to a child with sexual intent may constitute the crime. An indecent freedom can consist of communication of indecent language. The following is an example of a state act of Baltimore Maryland that deals with the taking of immoral liberties: Immature Freedoms with a Child. Incompetent freedoms with a child are involved in any of the following acts with a child who is 14 years of age but less than 16 years of age: Any cruel assault or touch of the person of the child or offender,[…]