Do You Need an Attorney for a Reckless Driving Ticket in Virginia

Whenever you appear in the court for a reckless driving charge without a lawyer, you will lose. There is no way you will win the case alone without proper legal help. You may not like to spend the money on hiring an expensive lawyer. The fact is, you need a lawyer. The reason is that reckless driving is not just a casual traffic offense, it is a crime. If the police officer convicts you of reckless driving, he convicts you as a criminal. Unless you do not mind being a criminal, you should hire a lawyer. You need to understand that the traffic laws in Virginia will not spare you. The charges for reckless driving in Virginia are very severe. You may even go to jail for one year. So, do you need an attorney if you receive a reckless driving ticket? The answer is, yes.

Reckless driving in Virginia

Reckless driving in Virginia means you are driving without caring for other’s life or property. It is why the laws in this state recognize “reckless driving” as a serious crime. It is a serious class 1 misdemeanor and not a traffic ticket. You will lose your license and go to jail for this crime. You cannot expunge reckless driving from your criminal record. Once the court announces charges against you, the state will also add demerit points to your DMV record. The only way you can clear these charges is that the court decides to dismiss these charges. So, why will the court spare you or dismiss the charges? How will the court spare the charges against you? When the judge knows that there is no proof of charges, he will spare you. It will only happen if you hire an attorney. The attorney will go to court and plead “not guilty” to you.

Hiring an attorney

You need an attorney to get rid of the charges against you. You need an attorney because the court treats the people who have an attorney in a better manner. If you are alone, you will not know how to handle the court. You may not know the way the judge or the court works in Virginia. An attorney is an expert as he knows the laws and the courts. He knows how to handle the case. He knows how to present the case in front of a judge. The court can be a confusing place. If you go alone, you may not understand what to do. If you have a lawyer, he will help you with everything. He knows how to put the case so that the judge dismisses the ticket. He knows how to gather the witnesses. You cannot do it all alone. It is why you need an attorney if you receive a reckless driving ticket. So, always hire an expert lawyer from a well-reputed law firm. It is the only way you will get clear of all charges for a reckless driving ticket.