Driving without Insurance in Petersburg Virginia

To drive a motor vehicle in Virginia State, it is mandatory to have appropriate insurance coverage of your vehicle. The Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) has the authority to determine the insurance through an electronic verification program. If the department finds that you have been driving without insurance in Petersburg Virginia, you will be charged with as much as $500 as a fine. In addition to this, your driving privilege will be suspended, and you will be convicted under Class 3 misdemeanor.

In case of driving without valid insurance, you will be given 30 days for submitting proof of insurance before you are fined. If you fail to prove within 30 days of time, it is likely that you will face some serious charges. Besides, if you have not paid the required insurance fee, you license plates will also be suspended.

Virginia State allows you to drive uninsured motor vehicle for the next 12 months once you pay $500 fee for utility motor vehicle (UMV). It allows you to drive without insurance in Petersburg Virginia at your own risk without having any penalty. Once the fee expires, it will be renewed after a year. The law does also show leniency in this case in a manner that you will be allowed to face court hearing before granting any penalty. During the court hearing, you have the right to prove your innocence before any verdict is declared. You are also given six months of duration to request for the hearing after notice of suspension.

Keeping in view the above consequences of this charge, driving without insurance in Petersburg Virginia is legal as long as the state gives you alternatives. If you are an uninsured motorist, it is necessary that you apply for effective coverage to avoid driving at risk. If you cause some serious physical damage without insurance of your vehicle, you will be charged with a high amount, depending on how much the person has been injured, i.e., injury of one person will cost you to pay $25,000. You may not be intentionally involved in an accident, and there have been other driver’s fault. Nevertheless you will face this huge monetary fine in case your motor vehicle is uninsured.

It is estimated that out of every eight drivers in the state, one driver lacks having valid car insurance. In case you are driving without insurance in Petersburg Virginia and the injured person did not collide with your uninsured car, you must immediately contact a lawyer to help you fight false charges against you. You might be unable to file a claim on your own; the lawyers have expertise in handling such cases where the uninsured motorist is being falsely charged.

The lawyers scrupulously examine the nature and facts of the case and then build a strong case for your defense. Seeking help of a lawyer may also convince you to apply for the insurance coverage so that you may subsequently avoid driving without insurance in Petersburg Virginia. After all, it is your sole responsibility to fulfill the traffic requirements and fully observe the enacted laws of the state.