Embezzlement Criminal Defenses Lawyers in Shenandoah Virginia

Embezzlement is a crime which prosecuting attorney take very extremely. Embezzlement is a fraud which rotates around the disloyalty of financial trust by one or more than one parties to a transaction. Trade typically depends on upon one party to a transaction placing trust in another party’s morality. A client has to believe that the person he’s giving will use the money in the agreed-upon method, and a business has to believe that workers who handle the firm’s finances. You might have overheard embezzlement mentioned to as a ‘white-collar’ crime because workers or other professionals commonly commit it. If you have been alleged of embezzlement, it means that you are being accused of taking possessions that you already legally had in your ownership. You need to get legal representation from embezzlement criminal defenses lawyers based in Shenandoah, Virginia.

Embezzlement and White Collar Crimes

Embezzlement or white-collar offense is considered by its non-violent nature. These monetary crimes are completely non-violent in nature and need a distinct set of skills for trial and defense. These cases are complex and there is often an unbelievable amount of paper work and financial proof involved.

Elements of Embezzlement

Following are the four essentials of embezzlement:

  1. You must be in a fiduciary relationship with the party who owns the property
  2. You gained control of assets or possessions by fiduciary association
  3. The acquired possession is with the purpose to permanently deprive the owner
  4. Your actions were planned.

In case of embezzlement charges you need legal representation from skilled and experienced embezzlement criminal defenses lawyers.

Penalties of Embezzlement

Based on the conditions of your case, you might face jail time, fines and a substantial amount of time behind the bars. The sum of money or property involved in the case will decide the charges and punishments you could face. In some case, you might lose your work-related or professional licensing after embezzlement conviction. Your best option after getting smacked with an embezzlement charge is to speak with an expert and recognized embezzlement criminal defenses lawyers in Shenandoah Virginia, who has effective embezzlement case experience.

The penalties for embezzlement crimes include:

  • $500 to 10,000 fines
  • Six months to five yearsin prison
  • Loss of employment
  • Exclusion from management posts

According to state law, punishments for embezzlement can include:

In case the money or assets are of value which is fewer than $100,000: In addition to reimbursing the worth of the money/properties back to the target, offenders face a fine of $10,000, 6 months in jail and 18 months in prison. If the money or assets is of value $100,000 or added: In addition to paying the value of the money/assets back to the victim, offenders face 2-8 years in jail and up to $10,000 in fines. If the sum of money that was embezzled was small, an embezzlement criminal defenses lawyers might be able to help you avoid prison and organize alternative consequences such as paying of the amount embezzled or paying extra court fines and other fees