Fauquier County Aggressive Driving Attorney

Aggressive driving is a criminal offense in Virginia. There are 12 different traffic offences that can amount to aggressive driving if a driver commits an offence of endangering, harassing, injuring or obstructing another person. Behaviors that qualify as driving behavior include overtaking or driving too close, disregard for the right of way, speeding and speeding.

Aggressive driving is less of a misdemeanor than reckless driving because there are fewer penalties, but it’s still important to hire a speeding attorney in Fauquier County in your defense. There are elements of aggressive driving in Virginia that violate the 12 offenses listed. Firstly, the offence listed in the statute is something the driver must do. The driver must have a special way of behaving in order to commit this offence. A second element is based on the fact that a driver is a danger to another person and commits one of the offences by harassing, intimidating, injuring or obstructing that person.

Just because you see a Fauquier County police officer stopping someone at the side of the road doesn’t mean that the person walking past the officer will ignore you. The aggressive driving you are accused of is actually someone overtaking police officers, driving at excessive speed or driving too fast when they pull someone else over or on the side of the road.

Speed violations are the predicate for aggressive driving. If someone is already driving too fast, all they have to do is drive fast enough to intimidate or harass other drivers or be dangerous to others.

This is a class 1 misdemeanor. That means she could face a fine of up to $1,000 and / or a year in prison or both. That equates to a fine of $2,500 for a first offense and a maximum of $3,200 for another offense.

While this may not seem very attractive to someone with a busy life, these two options are beneficial because they help those charged with aggressive driving potentially mitigate their criminal record. The court may also require the driver to carry out a program to manage the driver’s anger, which may play a role in a person’s case. We will help you to find out which option is suitable for your particular case!