Hit and Run Charge in Hanover Virginia

Hit and run is when someone damages some kind of property, whether it be actual property or another vehicle, and then rather than leaving their information at the scene, they flee without reporting it or leaving their information for the other drivers

Hit and run cases in Hanover County are taken very seriously. Hit and Run is also called “Leaving the Scene of an Accident. Serious hit and run charges can be imposed against any person who leaves the scene after having been involved in a vehicular accident. The law needs that any individual involved in an accident must stop and render aid to the wounded, as well as to stop and be available to law enforcement after any vehicle crash.

Cases about hit and run charge or escaping from the accident scene in Hanover could be multifaceted. Several features are measured while concluding the sternness of the charge and the punishments upon sentence. Referring an experienced hit and run lawyer might be critical to the case and help to avoid long jail time, heavy fines, or loss of driving rights.

Duty to Stop

According to Virginia code 46.2-894, when you face a situation of car accident in which someone is hurt or dead, or there is a car damage then:

  • It is your legal responsibility to immediately stopover
  • As near to the mishap scene as you can without blocking the road traffic.
  • Offer your name, address, and license number, vehicle registration number to the police, the individual struck or to the owner of the goods.

What Level of Offense Are Hit and Run Charges?

In Hanover Virginia, the level of crime of a hit and run hinge on on how much harm was caused, and whether the hit and run caused any injury or death. Usually, if someone was hurt then the crime will be a felony. If it’s only assets damage, then it would typically be a misdemeanor offense, but it will still hinge on the amount of damage involved.

Passengers Duty in Hit and Run

In case you are just a passenger who is involved in the car accident, you also have a responsibility to file a report if you’re 16 or older. That responsibility occurs in addition to the driver’s responsibility. According to Virginia code 46.2-895, this is the situation whether it’s an accident in which somebody is hurt or property is broken and the driver fails to stop as required or if the driver damaged unattended goods and failed to make a sensible struggle to locate the possessor or to leave a note (Virginia Code § 46.2-897). In either of those situations, the passenger has a responsibility to confirm the mishap is informed to the police in 24 hours.

In Hanover Virginia hit-and-run case, a prosecuting attorney has to verify that you were driving or in the car, that you really knew about the mishap, and that you failed to send your info or report the accident